Saturday, 20 August 2016

No Winners

The current mish-mash of a war in the Middle East is all political. Those running the countries involved are knowingly prolonging a war with blatant disregard to those innocents caught up in the middle of it. Perhaps I am seeing things differently from others - it wouldn't be the first time - so I'll give you my perception and you tell me where I am getting confused.

First of all I'm not getting into this 'ownership' of territory. The squabbling goes back to when man first chucked a rock at other man and stole his stuff. Let's instead look at the protagonists.....

  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • USA
  • Israel
  • Palestine
  • Iran
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Other Euro
  • Other Arab
One of the key issues is the religious spread. Saddam never played the religion card, probably because he was in a minority and he wasn't exactly leading a deeply religious life-style. 

Iraq has a Shia majority whom Saddam promised reforms if they helped with the war against Iran. They did and Saddam reneged on the deal. He then tried to 'eliminate' those whom he did the dirty on. He had other problems trying to finance the war so decided neighbours Kuwait should foot some of the bill as they were predominantly Sunnis. Naturally they refused to squander the wealth of the country on a pointless war so Saddam just took it anyway. This gave the west reason to engage Saddam with the reluctant blessing of other Arab states, and we all know what happened then.

Trump's comments about Obama 'creating' Daesh are probably correct, in that simply removing Saddam left a power void. A 'democratic' government was put in place but it was never going to work, commonsense dictates otherwise. The USA and allies may have gotten rid of Saddam but they never destroyed his army. Of course Saddam's loyal army were obviously Sunnis. Foreign troops filtered out of Iraq and the remnants of Saddam's army regrouped to form Daesh. Without Saddam and the excesses of his family at the fore, the struggle for control of resources went from political to religious.

This was a masterstroke because now the extremists could theoretically call on every Sunni Muslim to join the fight or be a traitor to their religious order. It was - and to a degree still is - effective to curry favour among other Sunni nations. Saudi Arabia seem to be showing a marked reluctance to condemn Daesh and Turkey take the view that they don't want to attack those who are busy killing their enemies i.e. the Kurds.

Syria obviously have the problem where the people want the Assad dictatorship to fall but he is backed by the Russians which is bad news for Israel as there is still disputed territory with Syria around the Sea of Galilee, and the Golan Heights where, guess what? Oil has been discovered. That is without even taking the Palestine affair into consideration. This is in turn making the USA 'twitchy' because Israel are a valued ally in the region.

The USA could have finished the war by now but in the cause of democracy feel it is better just to assist and let Iraqi's take back Iraq. There is very good reason for this politically but what is the humanitarian cost? With every day that passes there are more atrocities, more suffering of innocents, just because of politics. 

I might be wrong, I don't know. On this basis though, those in power of the countries above are directly responsible for prolonging the suffering.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


I was about to give a schedule for all the new things I am about to launch. Then I realised I'm not good with schedules because my concept of time is not the norm. The website will be the last to be relaunched as it is the hub for all the other projects.

So what is time? Time is fluid, individual perception varies considerably. For an example to illustrate significant difference in perception we have to compare species. A pigeon sees us coming in what we would call slow-motion, probably why they don't move until the last second. So if you see a pigeon at the same time it sees you and approach it, the same amount of time has passed but your perceived passage of time will differ to that of the pigeon.

Sticking to our own species, a child's day is longer than that of an elderly person. Of course this is nonsense as with the pigeon analogy. In another instance, time flies when you're having fun but drags when you're not. Again it's simply your mind setting it's own chronometer. This beggars the question of whether we can manipulate time. The concept of time travel has always fascinated me but I can't see it being anything other than a one-way trip.

Yes, I've seen and studied the theories concerning present to past but it's nonsense. Cannot be done. However, present to future is not only possible it can and has been proven. The proof is with satellite chronometers. Time supposedly passes at a different rate in space, it doesn't. It's the fact travelling at high speed will make time pass more slowly, location is irrelevant. If we could travel through space at near the speed of light and return to Earth, significantly more time will have passed on Earth than in space.

In effect this in some way validates stories of 'alien abductees', or even the longevity of 'Gods'. I tend to regard both with a little suspicion yet cannot completely rule them out. All I know is that to travel in time is pointless (unless you are waiting for a species to evolve) due to the one-way nature and the uncertainty the planet will still be habitable in the future.

Rambling again, all I meant to say is (ab)normal service will shortly be resumed. I will provide relevant links as they become available. I cannot give a time, time is an illusion.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Not Cute Now

I've always known my brain didn't work, why would it. The accident was enough to end my life briefly, I couldn't expect anything else. What I didn't realise was how many other little side issues there were. Not so much I didn't notice them, more a case of giving them little or no significance. Having just come to accept and / or embrace my quirks as the by-product of brain trauma, I thought I had pretty much worked it out. Experience should have told me there would be another twist in the tale.

Rambling is an apt name, I thought it sort of 'cute' the way I would start writing on a subject, then find myself somewhere different at the end. I imagined it was because I tend to overthink things but it was just concentration drift. The fact I cannot understand people or that nobody seems to think like me was always a mystery, I thought I made perfect sense. The list goes on. These and other 'symptoms' puts me within the autism spectrum. Now I'm confused.

If I am by definition autistic, was I always, or was it brought on by the head injuries. My father said it altered my behaviour. I knew nothing about autism until the GP suggested it and with even just minimal research, I see it is a complex issue. So now I am going to see a trick-cyclist who specialises in such. I've only seen one psychiatrist before and that didn't go well - for him - I may have to take this one seriously.

For those of you who don't know the story of my first visit, here's how it went.......

Okay this is a little incident that occurred when I was nineteen years old and working on a cruise ship. Our next port of call was San Francisco and the powers that be, in their infinite wisdom, decided it would be in the interests of science (and Health & Safety) for me to visit a trick-cyclist. At least that's what I thought the Captain said when I accepted the offer.

The 'trick-cyclist' turned out to be one of these head doctors. I didn't care, half an hour of laying on a couch pouring out my woes to a foreign stranger was no biggie. Just like a trip to the corner shop at home really. The icing on the cake was, once cured of the manic depression my brain had yet to pick up on, I could go on a binge in the hippie capital of the world.

However, as with the rest of my life in general, things were not quite so straightforward. This is roughly what transpired and may God strike me down if I lie (come on, you don't answer my prayers don't take me literally now).

I opened the door to the psychiatrist's office and immediately felt ill at ease. For one thing, the guy looked at me like I was a nutter or something. He was big, REALLY big - he was actually fat but I'm learning this new PC thing, haven't quite got the hang of it yet. His bulk was matched by the size of his leather-bound swivel chair and massive desk he sat behind. In stark contrast was the small wooden chair he motioned to.

What happened to the 'lie down and tell me your troubles' then?

I sat perched on the small chair feeling like a Borrower when the guy pulled out a set of cards. They just looked like ink-blots to me. I was puzzled.

If I'm honest they reminded me of getting smacked round the back of the head by a Geography teacher for knocking over a bottle of ink, but I couldn't see the relevance.

I wasn't sure he was quite ready for that but if I was going to get drunk today I needed to humour the person. I took a look at the first picture.....
"A guy with a huge penis"

He handed me another.....
"A couple about to have sex"

"Wow, a threesome"

The guy passed me one more card.....
"Conjoined twins..... masturbating"

I was fast losing patience and pointed out to the psychiatrist it was he who was showing me the porn. He gave me a strange look but put the cards away.

I wish I knew what he was thinking

We seemed to have reached an impasse and sat in silence.  You could cut the atmosphere with a knife....

Only when I got caught


He looked at me sympathetically, I could sense another question coming,

I do it all the time

Touch myself inappropriately


I'm hungry. Seriously, you get paid for this?

The guy seemed to be agitated and I could see the veins on his neck trying to burst through the skin.

He pulled out these kiddie blocks and told me to fit them in the correct holes. Really? I mean a joke is a joke but now he was asking for trouble.

I put the triangle into the triangle hole then took up the square and tried to fit it through the circle hole. Naturally it wouldn't fit so I 'encouraged' it. Actually I smashed it as hard as I could with my fist. Splintered wood and brightly coloured plastic shapes flew everywhere.

Square peg round hole. Isn't that why I'm here?

He scribbled something on a piece of paper and put it in a plain brown envelope for me to give to the captain. I had expected psychiatrists themselves to be mentally stable but this guy looked about to have a breakdown. I rose to leave as he rummaged in a drawer. At reception I said goodbye to the girl at the counter and heard a car backfire in the street. It actually sounded like it came from the psychiatrist's office behind me.

Back on the ship the captain looked inside the envelope then at me, quite sternly I thought.

He handed me the note from the psychiatrist

Sunday, 26 June 2016

In and Out

The UK joined the EEC despite constant vetoes by De Gaulle but had to wait until he retired. The loathing France shows us is not even thinly veiled and it has always been the same. We helped out in two world wars yet they still haven't forgiven us for Napoleon. It is therefore unsurprising they demand we leave with immediate effect.

Our departure doesn't bode well for the future of the EU yet I think it will affect them more than us. It's now time for the government to re-invest and subsidise British industry. It's a false economy paying for cheaper imported coal when our workforce has to resort to claiming benefits. Same with steel, fishing, merchant navy, etc., but everybody knew that when the Iron Bitch trampled on whole communities, starving them into submission, before selling their only means of earning a living.

Just a few years earlier she encouraged everybody to buy their own homes, then took away their ability to pay a mortgage as housing went into negative equity. It was a cruel master-stroke, the banks and private investors had a field day seizing properties from defaulters for pence. It was nothing less than legitimised fraud.

Cheap labour came from abroad and English workers couldn't live on such salaries. The disdainful was response was 'they can do it why can't you?'. I'll tell you why, because our workers aren't on paid holidays sharing a 3-bedroom house between 6 or more people, thus making rents affordable on even a meagre wage.

Having been very much in favour of leaving but not due to the immigration issue - although I do think it is out of control - it was because I don't believe other European nations treat us fairly, they don't even like us. Okay maybe stating they dislike us is subjective but I wouldn't want to be anywhere I'm not wanted.

One thing that didn't help those in favour of remaining was the veiled threats - or not so veiled in the case of Obama. After all this time they still don't understand the average Brit mentality, and obviously neither does the posh boy currently at number 10.

I found it odd how Scotland voted to remain yet they want to leave the UK. So the Scots would rather be a little fish in a big pond rather than a big fish in a little pond. Seems sort of daft to me, at least be consistent. The Scots may well end up like Greece when they get the Euro (have you ever tried to spend Scottish money?). In my opinion there is a stronger case for a united Ireland.

On the security issue I can't see it making the slightest difference whatsoever, if anything I believe we are more secure  by not being part of the Schengen agreement. Every country is susceptible to terrorism although we perhaps have more experience of it than most. Cheap arms are easily smuggled across land borders and former Eastern bloc countries have a ready supply.

Perhaps the craziest thing about all this are the comments by some people. "Well I voted leave but didn't expect to win" and "I feel misled, and would now vote the other way", these come the next day! Some people shouldn't be allowed to vote. Well the Tories are in turmoil and bumbling buffoon Boris is favourite to take over - at least his name isn't Trump, and charisma-bypass Corbyn doesn't have leadership qualities to make PM.

So we cast off the ties of the EU and set sail with no steering gear, this should be interesting.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Quantity of Life

I have to thank the merchant navy for my travels around the world. On the face of it, they were just flying visits to other countries, yet there is a more significant aspect. Something that you cannot experience as a tourist on a tour bus, or in the areas designated for foreign guests. We often found ourselves off the beaten track and in places no tour guide would take you. Sometimes it was funny, often it was humbling, occasionally it was dangerous, but it was always educational. I didn't learn the lessons back then, I was never meant to. If I had, I couldn't have done half of what I did.

You see it is all a matter of perspective. It's not that my perspective has changed, back then I don't think I had one. I went to sea more or less straight after leaving school and up to that point had only met one person of different ethnicity. He was from mixed race parents and was one of my closest friends. It was probably from him I formed an opinion of other races. There was no difference between us, except colour of skin and that bore no significance. This is possibly why I felt comfortable in places I maybe shouldn't have. Perhaps it was my blissful ignorance that saved me.

The point is, I visited all of these places with a wide open mind, not coloured by prejudices. It was interesting seeing how other people lived and their attitudes towards life. I can categorise the countries individually, each has its own idiosyncrasies. So instead let's make it really simple and just have two options, happy or sad. A while back I listed all the countries I visited with this in mind and the results confounded me. I assumed the countries with the highest standards of living would be the happiest. The reverse was true!

It seems we have sacrificed quality of life for quantity of life, and in general it's making us miserable. When will it end? When the privileged 2% own everything? For every gain there is a loss.


The USA and Europe are proliferating this consumerism driven lifestyle and it is so unnecessary. People treat life like a board game. Get out there and grab what you can regardless of who you may have to walk over to get it. It's wrong! It's not only wrong, it's immoral. What can anybody do though. You are either a wolf or a sheep and although the sheep far outnumber the wolves, most sheep don't give a shit as long as it's not there mutton on the line.