Thursday, 20 April 2017

Deep Feelings

I haven't posted for a while, mainly due to the way the world is turning to crap. I'm honestly on the point of giving up and I've never done that before. It is hard to support or defend anyone. Politicians have no interest in anything but furthering their own careers or 'feathering their own nests'. I know from personal experience Cameron either lied or was lied to when he made all sorts of statements (particularly concerning mental health issues). Now we have May, some sort of Thatcher-type manifestation.

As a kid I remember working class families being encouraged to buy their own homes - I see the same thing happening today. It's all a con to sap every last penny from those who can ill-afford it. The 'buy-your-own-home' pipe dream was soon shattered when industries were decimated or sold off to foreign investors. No longer able to pay mortgages as their properties were now worth less that what was owed, most lost their homes. Unscrupulous landlords bought them up at a snip then rented them out for extortionate rates.

It was totally amoral yet the public were either too stupid to see it or simply ignored it. Some landlords own whole streets and they're not even using their own money. Councils paid the tenants, the tenants paid the landlords, the landlords paid the banks and then of course the banks gambled with public funds. When they lost it didn't matter, the CEO's still received millions in bonuses and the government bailed them out. Shame the government didn't bail out the original home-buyers whose jobs they stole to pay the banks' debts.

The so-called middle class is now the working class as the working class are now the poor. The wealthy will take what they have next and then the 'middle class' will wonder why they didn't see it coming. Their apathy in demanding social reforms when they had a voice will come back to bite them. An election has been called early and again it seems to me so transparent, just me again huh?

It suggests the Tories want to take advantage while they still lead the polls. The problem with this, apart from taking unfair advantage (only 7 weeks to swing the votes), there could be a more insidious motive. I suspect they have something planned the public will hate, and to hold an election after revealing this anathema would see them ousted. It may simply be the issue with Scotland pushing for another referendum, we know May doesn't want them to leave and can deny them the right for another few years yet. Who knows, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Immigration doesn't really concern me, although I think the UK is already fit to burst with over population compared to other European countries (by land area). Why not make the homeland of the refugees safe for their return instead of prolonging a war for strategic purposes. Iraq is almost 'liberated' but Syria is going to be a whole different proposal. I did read a suggestion those who went to fight for Daesh should be reintegrated into society which sounds completely insane to me. I wouldn't let them back in the country. They went abroad to fight us and our allies, it's like letting someone who tried to murder your cousin stay at your home. Imprison them? Radicalisation is rife in jails and I doubt any of their attitudes have changed.

Terrorist threat is something people of my generation have lived with before. There is no point worrying all your life about something that might not happen. Atrocities will continue, if it's not Daesh or al-Qaeda, there will always be a Columbine or the like. Too many guns in a world with too many idiots, what do you expect to happen, Of course munitions are big business, the wealthy pocket vast profits whilst the poor are offered by the governments as cannon fodder. It's not personal, it's just business. The governments are funded by these war-mongers.

I've seen whole streets with unoccupied boarded up houses whilst people living on the streets are increasing in number. Councils act as judge and jury, ruthlessly pursuing funds they perceive as being owed when some poor unfortunate becomes the victim of clerical error. They don't care that many vulnerable people are one sanction away from being homeless, it's government directives. Before you vote in June, don't think for one moment the Tories give a crap about you. The country is run as a business looking to maximise profits at any cost, there is no room for emotion.

America elected Trump and if you believe a fraction of what you read it appears the man is incapable of telling the truth. Put aside his obnoxious racist and misogynist comments, put aside a campaign that seemed to be more focused on mud-slinging than political issues, put aside his show-boating on Twitter (hardly becoming for one able to wield so much power), put aside his rhetoric calling the bluff of psychotic leaders from other nations. Do this and I still can't something remotely charismatic about the man. Okay there are millions like him, but they're not POTUS.

Putin is obviously looking to reinstate the former USSR and if he can use Assad, Erdogan and the Ayatollah to facilitate this as a matter of 'Russian national security' he will. Who is going to say shit to him when he takes back the Ukraine after Trump bombs Syria and Afghanistan. Out of all this it seems weird to suggest China as being the most rational (or least amoral). Hopefully they keep the idiots in North Korea on a leash.

Solon set the foundation for democracy around 500 BC and there has been little change since. Governments and religious ideology has failed to evolve. Things change, times change, clinging on to the past is futile and self-destructive. Life teaches us that. Aaaargh! It feels like my head will explode. Why is something so simple in theory, so difficult to achieve? The answer can only be that the greedy and power-hungry won't let it.

I don't care who wins an election if it is fair and transparent. It never is. You can watch politicians being questioned and see quite clearly how they avoid the issue and duck the questions. Okay they're not lying but they might as well be. They are not being transparent and are giving a false impression by their avoidance. Filibustering is used to prevent another speaker proposing a bill or discussing an important issue. This is considered acceptable?!

What a mess, and you can bet your arse when the Tories win the election in June things are going to get a whole lot worse for those who are suffering most.