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Inception 1.3

So now we have arrived at our true ancestors homo sapiens neanderthalis. If there was any interference from an outside source up to this point, it was measured. Evolution is a gradual process and to hurry it along will always cause problems. There is evidence to suggest our predecessors were nomadic hunter-gathers who lived in peaceful groups. What went wrong?

Neanderthals had quite a different brain to ours. Their brains were more instinctual, geared up to the senses with emphasis on sight, sound, and motion. Ours are analytical. It is because of such differences science continues to search for a non-existent missing link. There appears to be a gaping chasm between us and Neanderthals yet there was a significant overlap with modern man, homo sapiens sapiens, who emerged around 120,000 years ago. The Neanderthals 'suddenly disappeared' around 30,000 years ago.

Another thing that seems to baffle 'experts' to this day is the absence of any sign our species mat have committed genocide. Then of course science has been unable to find Neanderthal genes in our species today. These factors contribute to the supposed mystery. Here is what really happened, you can say you heard it here first when the idiots finally get their acts together. Homo sapiens sapiens bred with Neanderthals but our neotenic genes were stronger than those of the Neanderthals and in time 'replaced' them. No doubt they will eventually find genetic evidence we are irrefutably linked directly to Neanderthals but for now you'll have to take my word for it.

This does however conjure up a whole new set of questions, who are WE, if we bred with Neanderthals as opposed to evolving from them? I'm drawn to the idea of 'intervention' but there is also a possibility that could explain it in a more plausible way for sceptics. The hypothesis is that a secluded group can evolve at a faster (or slower) rate. Over thousands of years the difference can be huge. One accidental discovery early on can give a race a massive boost whilst others struggle in the dark for millennia. I explore this a little more in Redefining Atlantis but in the grander scheme of things, it only answers one or two questions.

It is at this point we need to introduce 'God' but in order to do that, we need to define him/her/it/them. Without explaining fully my hypotheses on the origin of God(s), let's just say he was a visitor. His 'race' were far in advance of anything around at the time but there was a problem. There were actually a number of problems, and for a species far more advanced than our own the Gods made some monumental cock-ups. Okay talking about the possibility of God(s) interfering with our evolutionary process will have many of you heading for the door, but I can find no other explanation..... and I've been searching for decades.

Religious folk will be screaming blasphemy at the merest hint of me suggesting God may not have been unique. Science will of course issue their bog-standard reply "There is no evidence to suggest....." and suddenly I find myself alone. There may be a little support from the Ancient Alien theorists but they are a kooky lot and take things from the sublime to the ridiculous. So let's get back to the demise of the Neanderthals.

Was this when God became our 'creator' of sorts? It would certainly explain a lot of things. We are simply a product of mixing a more advanced version of the same species with a primitive one. Initially it was a little genetic modification - such as what we can do today. It's likely embryos may have been mix and matched during this experimental modification stage, but why would they bother? The reasons could have been to develop an intelligent work-force or simply to integrate and populate. It doesn't matter, the experiment went horribly wrong. God clearly hadn't thought about the impact such a complete switch of brain activity would make. Suddenly monkeys could think - putting it crudely - but they hadn't learnt to reason.

Then came fear and paranoia. Aggression and violence followed. God knew he'd screwed up when Cain killed Abel. Suddenly these peace loving monkeys had learnt how to murder, and for little more reason than jealousy.

The Garden of Eden

Until I speak to God I can only guess at his relationship with the Devil. Research suggests the monotheist religions have their origins in ancient Greek polytheism. There are many similarities (also touched on in Redefining Atlantis ) with characters from the Bible and Greek mythology. The equivalent of Satan is most likely the Titan, Prometheus. God himself is a little less clear. The suggestion is Zeus due to it being him who was most upset about Prometheus giving mankind fire. However I lean towards 'the God' being Cronus. Whoever it was, there is little doubt in my mind he wasn't acting alone.

The mystery concerning motives is not easily explained on the surface. Why would God prohibit us from eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge, and was the Devil actually the good guy for trying to enlighten us? God controls the press, it would be easy to make out the Devil to be the bad one. On the premise they both do / did actually exist, I began to think the Devil just had bad press and this God bloke wasn't very nice after all. However, the more I thought about it, another possibility sprung to mind.

In my mind, violence is pointless and primitive. Having said that I sometimes feel there is no other choice when dealing with some irrational members of our species. A species further evolved would have recognised the futility of war and violence and perhaps God understood that we could not be trusted with technology as we would just use it to destroy each other. Maybe the Devil thought "We screwed up the monkeys, they have a right to know". It is certainly a dilemma. Most people fear God but I picture him as feeling rather sheepish and a little apologetic for having poked his nose in with disastrous consequences.

The Garden of Eden (now under water in the Persian Gulf) had to be evacuated as sea-levels rose. Cain went East to India, others went west across the Saudi peninsula following the Ethiopia river before it dried up. Adam went north following the Tigris and Euphrates. God of course was blamed for expelling Adam and Eve from Eden and the clothing wasn't from shame but from a change in climate, echoes of homo erectus using fire for heat.

Adam and the others procreated with a will, and often with a willing Neanderthal. The hunter-gatherers spread far and wide. I could detail all the descendants and tribes who were eponymous to certain regions but all this was before the series of deluges that were a global phenomenon 5,000 years ago. It is there we need to visit next.

*On a side note, the fruit from the tree of knowledge is obviously a metaphor and even if it wasn't the chances are it would have been a pomegranate not an apple.

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